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Presented by State Library Victoria

How To Make a Simple Notebook

To make a simple notebook you will need:


Needle and thread


Cardboard (very thin cardboard or cardstock)


Pencil and Eraser

Also some colourful paper if you want to cover your notebook with nice cover. If you do want to it is very easy to glue the paper to your cardboard and then continue through the steps.


Each collection of paper in a book is called a signature. Some books have many signatures while some only have one.  For this book we are going to make one signature with 10 pages.

The first step is to measure the card board and write down its height and width. Then measure your paper and divide it up into the measurements of your cardboard. I then find it helpful to rule lines on the paper so it is more clear where you are meant to cut. Then cut out the paper following the lines you have ruled.To keep the paper from moving when you cut out your pages it is good to use a paper clip to keep the paper steady. I used lined paper but any paper that you have will be fine.

Then divide the length of your pages by two to find the middle. Then draw a dot on that mark. Then halve the measurement between the edge of the page and the mark and draw another dot there.                                                                        This will leave three dots like this.


Then using the edge of your scissors poke holes where the three dots are. Anything sharp and pointed would do this well. Then use that page as a template and pierce three holes in all the other pages as well as the cardboard. Once all the holes are done and you have a pile of paper fold them in half, this is now your signature.Then thread your needle, if your thread isn’t very thick just double the thread.

Then poke your needle through the signature at the hole at the top of the page and then into the cardboard with the first corresponding hole.

Then poke your needle through the middle hole. Through cardboard fist and then paper. Pull the thread almost all the way through and then tie a knot.

Then continue sewing push your needle through the third hole. Then from the cardboard side push the needle back through the middle hole, then out through the first, back through middle and out through third. Make sure you pull your thread tight to ensure your binding is not loose. Then once almost all of your thread is used tie a knot on the inside using the left over thread from the first knot and the last of the thread.

Then cut of the excess thread and your notebook is finished! The cardboard that I used was plain so I have decorated it with some ideas if you want to decorate your new notebook.  


This isn’t a professional way of making a notebook and there are higher quality materials that are available rather than the ones that I was using. However it is just a simple book. If you have any questions please comment in the comments section.



Ah wow that's really cool, thanks for sharing! I actually really need a diary to write in at the moment so now I can go make one :)

27th Apr, 18

Cool beans ;)

28th Apr, 18